Round Island Discovery
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This tour takes you to the outskirts of George Town to witness the actual process of Batik printing using wax & dyes. Then we proceed to the fishing village. From here, we will then pass by the Fruit Plantation, make a brief stop at a fruit stall to show you some of the local fruits as well as spices and traditional Malay Village. We then proceed to the famous Snake Temple which was built in 1850, probably the one and only of its kind in the world. Finally, you will be taken on a tour to see how jewelry is made at the well known OE (Oeding & Erdel) factory.

  • Fruit Plantation
  • Fruit Stall
  • Snake Temple
  • OE Factory
  • Batik Factory
  • Fishing Village

Tour Charges

Inclusive of Entrance Fee:

  • Adult - RM120 Nett per pax
  • Child - RM100 Nett per pax


Approximately 4 hours

  • Minimum 2 person